Your Personal Assistant App
Dials You Into Your Conference Call

ThinkRite Assistant (TRA) is a multi-device “intelligent assistant” application whose one-touch features allow users

to plan, join, and manage smarter webinars and conference calls. TRA is part of a suite of services that leverages the

“intelligent collaboration” methodologies of solution provider ThinkRite to enhance meeting

productivity and employee satisfaction.

What is ThinkRite Assistant?

ThinkRite Assistant is a smart alert application that runs on your mobile phone or desktop. It actively searches your calendar for meetings and conference calls, takes care of dialing you into conference calls, lets others know when you’re late, and makes sure your meetings run efficiently. The Assistant takes care of everything, helpfully connecting you to your meetings at the precise time.

Since ThinkRite Assistant interfaces with popular calendar and email clients, your upcoming meetings are always a click or tap away.

In addition to making your work life easier and more productive, ThinkRite Assistant offers broader, companywide benefits.

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Reduces network costs

Click to Dial utilizes least cost number

Meetings start faster

Participant names and RSVP status are
displayed on the dashboard

Meetings end promptly

ThinkRite Assistant prompts the moderator
to wrap up the meeting 10
minutes before its end time

Captures action items

Meeting actions are captured and
shared in one click, resulting in more
productive meetings

Master the Science of Meetings and Collaboration via
ThinkRite Institute

Meetings are a fact of modern business life. Why not learn how to make meetings as efficient, useful and productive as possible — and maybe even have fun?

Our curriculum will guide you through the science of meetings.

  • Meeting etiquette and best practices
  • Making meetings engaging
  • Meeting techniques that can increase job satisfaction and return
    on your company’s investments

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ThinkRite Assistant empowers you to be more efficient when hosting or joining any meeting.

  • ThinkRite Assistant

    • Becomes your go-to meeting alert application, eliminating the need to jump between calendars, email clients, and conferencing applications.
    • Runs on your desktop or smartphone, scanning your calendar for meetings and conference calls.
    • Alerts you when it’s time to join a meeting, presenting you with “Click to Join” and “Call Back” buttons.
    • Can even notify other attendees if you’re running late.
  • ThinkRite Assistant

    Grounded in meeting science, which is all about efficiently measuring and improving the return on investment from meetings, ThinkRite Assistant helps improve the collaboration, communication, and productivity potential of your meetings while simplifying the mechanics of joining, declining, and managing them.

  • ThinkRite Assistant

    ThinkRite Assistant works with what you already have. Simply connect it to your email calendar and join meetings from virtually any meeting platform such as GoToMeeting, WebEx, or even your company’s designated teleconferencing service. Experience a Better Way to Manage and Join Meetings Sign-up for ThinkRite Assistant Beta.Learn More

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