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ThinkRite Institute aims to help individuals and organizations improve their meeting collaboration efficiency with innovative methodologies and human behavior guidelines that will change how you look at meetings.

The Fundamentals of Meeting Science

Meeting science is the conceptual, intellectual, and practical study of what goes on before, during and after a meeting. Our educational program is designed to help companies and employees understand their collaboration reputation and prepare them to address the fundamentals of meeting science.

All meetings involve four major activities, Prep, Run, Wrap-up, and Evaluate, which we’ll refer to as the PRWE model:

  • PREP – Here you define meeting purpose; select the appropriate technology to conduct the meeting; develop an effective agenda, schedule a meeting around the availability of the participants, and work through all of the details of a meeting structure.
  • RUN – Running a meeting requires an understanding of “people issues” such as participants’ thinking styles, how conflicts are handled, and in general, an overall understanding of meeting etiquette.
  • WRAP-UP – An important component to making a meeting successful is the ability to effectively close a meeting.
  • EVALUATE– What happens after your meetings end? How do you maintain accountability? Proper follow-up skills ensure employee satisfaction and productivity, overall company efficiency, and an impact on the bottom line.

These activities work together allowing you to save time and increase motivation and productivity; solve problems; create new ideas and initiatives; drive buy-in; achieve your objectives quicker, easier and at less cost; make people happier and more productive; and diffuse conflict in a way that emails and memos cannot.

Knowledge That Leads to Job Satisfaction

Our education modules are designed to align the learner with the company’s own objectives such as profitability, customer retention, and expense reduction. We will equip individuals with both the knowledge and practical skills needed to master the meeting efficiency cycle. We cover everything from best practices, meeting etiquette, meeting preparation, running meetings, wrapping up, capturing action steps and notes, and analyzing meeting efficiency and productivity. The desired outcome is improved collaboration and meeting efficiency leading to enhanced job satisfaction.

Master PRWE and much more with ThinkRite Institute…

Education Roadmap and course availability coming soon. Stay tuned!

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