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How ThinkRite Assistant can improve “A Conference Call in Real Life”

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Anyone who's worked in an office environment is familiar with conference calls. Many professionals spend a significant chunk of their work schedules in these meetings, which are often ineffective uses of their time. These meetings can be a source of frustration, because while important, they tend to also waste time and resources due to the poor time management and the many hoops that attendees have to jump through. 

You're probably familiar with the YouTube comedy video, "A Conference Call in Real Life," which became a viral sensation in 2014. Comedians Tripp Crosby and Tyler Stanton take a humorous approach to what it's like trying to host and attend a conference call, from late attendees and difficult access codes to awkward silences and loud background noise.

If you haven't seen the video, you can watch it here: 

While the video pokes fun at phone meetings, it doesn't go so far as to show how to improve conference calls. That's where ThinkRite comes in. ThinkRite Assistant is the intelligent virtual assistant app that helps you make your conference calls more useful and efficient. Instead of awkwardly waiting for people to join, ThinkRite Assistant makes your conference calls effective, collaborative endeavors. 

If the employees in this video had this assistant app, the video wouldn't be very funny. Instead, it would show how smart collaboration can help boost meeting efficiency. For example: 

Start meetings on time
Receive a reminder when it's time to start or join a conference call or webinar. Just press the "Call" button for a conference call, or the "Webinar" button for a webinar, and you're instantly connected. If you're running late, you can notify participants with one simple touch of the "Notify" button. 

Join meetings with one click
As demonstrated in the video, requiring long pass codes and ID numbers makes joining a conference call slow and frustrating. You have to dial a phone number, a conference number, and usually a password. ThinkRite Assistant makes this a cinch by scanning your calendar for all of this information and storing it. When it's time for the call, all you need to do is click the "Call" button and the smart assistant connects you, saving you the trouble. 

Know who's calling
Using the "People" tab, ThinkRite Assistant allows you to identify callers by their names instead of their numbers or email addresses. Depending on the program that you're using, you can also be notified as to who is joining, and who is speaking. 

"If the employees had this assistant app, it would show how smart collaboration boosts meeting efficiency."

Control the conference bridge
As the host, you have full control over the meeting. If a caller forgets to go on mute and the sounds of barking dogs are disrupting the meeting, the personal assistant app lets you put callers on mute. You can also lock the bridge or record the call. 

Capture meeting items with one click
Don't rely on Beth to write everything down for everyone else. ThinkRite Assistant can instantly capture meeting actions with one click and share them with attendees via email. This smart collaboration makes sure that everyone is on the same page. 

End meetings on time
The intelligent virtual assistant ends meetings on time, keeping them from dragging on over schedule. That means everyone will be able to make it to happy hour!

Meeting productivity is no laughing matter. Download ThinkRite Assistant today and improve conference call efficiency at your office. 

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