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How smart collaboration can help your team

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Meetings are an important part of any industry. No matter what type of company you're a part of, there will be times when you need to get together with a number of stakeholders to discuss a shared project, go over new policies or just catch up. 

For many, meetings are an everyday part of work life, but spending too much time in meetings can be overkill, and keep you from getting your work done. In a 2012 survey, surveyed 3,200 workers and found that "too many meetings" is the biggest waste of time, according to nearly half of them. When people feel like a meeting or conference call is a waste of time, they'll check emails, doodle or even sleep. 

Overall that's 31 hours in unproductive meetings each month. Just imagine what could be accomplished if that time were used more efficiently. That's why it's important to be efficient when planning and conducting these meetings. A workplace in which participants practice smart, efficient collaboration will see a number of benefits. 

"Using smart collaboration tactics saves time and resources."

Meeting efficiency
A 2014 study published in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology estimated that $37 billion is wasted each year due to late arrivals and unproductive meetings. This wasted time and resources can drag productivity down in the office. Working overtime, staying late and performing rushed work can all yield indirect costs by keeping workers away from revenue-generating tasks, and when participants aren't aware of the important takeaways they often have to schedule more meetings to get caught up. 

Using a smart collaboration tool like ThinkRite Assistant saves time and resources, so you and your colleagues can accomplish more. This personal assistant app makes joining and hosting conference calls simple, while keeping meetings on time and helping attendees track the important takeaways. Fostering meeting productivity leaves more time for making sales, building products and serving customer needs. 

Stress reduction
Holding too many meetings with too little effectiveness gets frustrating and stresses everyone out. Workers fall behind in their most pressing tasks and that stress can carry over into other areas of the job. 

With smart collaboration from ThinkRite Assistant, meetings are more effective and employees are able to accomplish more in a short amount of time. This reduces stress across the board, allowing everyone to focus on what needs to be done. With a limited time to spend on the call or webinar, professionals are more respectful of one another's opinions, and meetings start and end promptly. 

Clarity and purpose
Too many meetings breed confusion. Intelligent collaboration means preparing a simple agenda of the most important points and sticking to it. Participants of effective meetings get their agendas ahead of time so they have the opportunity to do their legwork and prepare. Minimizing the face time means saying what needs to be said, not just talking for an hour. 

Smart collaboration helps boost productivity and improves morale. Smart collaboration helps boost productivity and improves morale.

ThinkRite's virtual personal assistant app helps to ensure that the takeaways are clear, so everyone understands the issue at hand, the plan of action and their individual roles. The most important information can easily be captured and emailed to all participants after the call, allowing for clearer communication. This alignment also strengthens the professional relationships between colleagues. 

Aligned goals
Effective conference calls and webinars cut through the noise. Rather than wasting time on minor details, stakeholders are able to get to the core of the matter, and align themselves with the same goals. Meetings, after all, demonstrate your company's culture. When meetings are messy, bloated and disorganized, they aren't saying good things about your business. 

Does your business need more intelligent collaboration? The ThinkRite Assistant app can help your team hold more productive meetings. Download the ThinkRite Assistant to see how this virtual personal assistant can help with simplifying meetings. 

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