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Many busy professionals wonder how to improve conference calls. These calls and webinars are critical parts of your day-to-day schedule and are necessary for collaboration, but if they aren’t run efficiently they can waste every participant’s time. You and your team only have so many hours in the day, and it’s important to make the most of that time. Your business needs an intelligent virtual assistant to foster more productive meetings.

ThinkRite Assistant is not just another conference call platform. This personal assistant app works alongside existing services like WebEx, GoToMeeting or – whatever your company uses for conference calls and webinars, and makes them easier to use and more effective for you.


How does ThinkRite Assistant help enterprises?

network costs

ThinkRite’s “click to dial” feature automatically uses the lowest-cost conference line.

conference calls

Start or join conference calls quickly, with a single touch. Spend less time waiting and dialing numbers, spend more time collaborating. Reducing inefficient collaboration reduces costs and boosts productivity.


Enhanced reporting and analytics provide comprehensive data on your meeting productivity. Post-meeting reports highlight important takeaways and ensure every participant is on the same page.

call etiquette

If a participant or host is running late, ThinkRite Assistant can notify everyone.


When team members can communicate more efficiently, they can develop more innovative products and solutions. ThinkRite Assistant helps employees get more done.



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