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About Us

ThinkRite creates products focused on the innovative new meeting science called “intelligent collaboration.” Founded in 1986 by a visionary pioneer in enterprise unified communications, ThinkRite’s unique suite of tools enhance and improve the meeting experience. The company’s software application, ThinkRite Assistant, complements existing webinar and conference calling services by helping teams plan, launch, and attend meetings already in their calendars. Along with our forthcoming educational services, we leverage next-generation solutions / methodologies that incorporate the missing human element to enhance workflow and teach teams how to take meetings to the next level.

Our Core Values


By being ethical, we build long-term customer value and loyalty.


Being empathetic and flexible drives opportunity.


Our curiosity keeps us searching for better ways, and we are determined to continuously improve our solutions.

Meet our executive team

Josh Schrager, Founder / CEO

Josh Schrager founded ThinkRite Inc., in 1986 as a college freshman to serve the nascent unified communications sector. To this day, his innovations continue to transform the industry.

His initial solution, RealFax, was the first commercially available automated, fax-on-demand / voice response system that delivered real estate brochures via an “MLS-like” listing. Soon, his first customer, IBM, was reducing printing costs by delivering customer brochures via the fax-back service. In 1992, Schrager’s team developed POET, its most innovative unified communications solution to date. The system enabled IBM to significantly slash real-estate expenses by empowering 50,000 mobile employees to redirect calls, faxes, and text messages to and from coworkers, and even read employee calendars to send meeting reminders.

IBM remains the company’s largest customer, managing over 500 servers globally, handling Instant Messaging platforms, computer telephony, and building security specifications. ThinkRite was rated first in overall vendor satisfaction in IBM’s most recent supplier survey. ThinkRite customers span the Fortune 1000 and include The Home Depot, Pepsi, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lloyds, Humana, Verizon, and Sprint, among others.

In 1997, Schrager established ThinkRite UK; in 2000, he opened ThinkRite Australia. The company today has 70 employees across its three locations, all focused on the next generation of unified messaging, which Schrager has coined “Intelligent Collaboration.” The effort unites collaborative analytics, industrial psychology, online education, social gamification, and software solutions to infuse the “human element” into organizational workflow. Its debut application, ThinkRite Assistant, is a “smart assistant” that simplifies the meeting experience by enabling users to plan, join, and manage in-person meetings, webinars and conference calls already in their calendars. Employees enjoy greater productivity; companies achieve heightened ROI.

Born into a family of educators who arrived in Miami in 1920, Schrager earned his Bachelors of Arts in MIS/Marketing from the Florida International University College of Business, and his Associate of Arts from Miami Dade College. Learn more at

Sajeev Ravi, President


Grace Jeffery, EMEA General Manager


Marc Russell, Managing Director ThinkRite Australia Pty Ltd

Marc Russell joined ThinkRite UK in 1998, after a successful position with long-time ThinkRite client, IBM UK, and a previous career selling aircraft metals.

His first task at ThinkRite UK was to install and deliver a new unified communications system throughout IBM Australia, which demanded multi-site, multi-stakeholder management. Russell subsequently wrote a complete installation guide, which standardized hitherto ad-hoc installations.

Following his debut success in Australia, Russellreturned later that year to work with IBM’s Asia-Pacific region. He oversaw installation and delivery of a multi-country transition to ThinkRite’s unified communications system to sites in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

ThinkRite Australia Pty Ltd. selected Russell for the six-month assignment to lead, set up and eventually hand over the new company to a managing director to be determined.Seventeen years later, Russell is still there as its first and only managing director.

Under Russell’s leadership, ThinkRite Australia Pty Ltd. has expanded beyond its initial unified communications roots to encompass system security, compliance, and security audit preparation on multiple platforms. The company also has a significant SameTime Unified Telephony practice, which services the entire Asia-Pacific region from its base in Sydney.

Russell’s work in unified communications traveled an unlikely path. Prior to joining IBM and then ThinkRite, Russell worked for Alcan Metals in the UK as an aircraft metals and plate salesman. While there, Russell helped drive stock turnover and sales efficiencies to record highs, making his branch a top performing warehouse. When Andersen Consulting was engaged by Alcan Metals to study his team’s customer best practices and rewrite his systems to drive organizational targets for other Andersen clients, Russell found his calling. He enrolled in University of South Wales to study Computer Studies with Business to build upon his Alcan experience and deliverbusiness-focused technical solutions.

Today, Russell lives in New South Wales, Australia.Learn more at

Company Culture

At ThinkRite, unified communications is more than a corporate mission. It’s a cultural creed that crosses every element of our workplace. Based in the global crossroads that is South Florida, our employees hail from throughout the U.S., the Americas, Europe, and Asia. This reality is reflected in the languages we speak and the traditions we share.

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