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3 Tips to Boosting Meeting Management Success for Sales Execs

Boosting Meeting Management Success
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The most successful sales executives often are at their best when not at their desk. While most successful while making face-time with clients and prospects, juggling phone calls with client calls can get cumbersome.

These three tech tools and tips can help improve efficiency for today’s road warrior sales exec:

  • Keep a robust database. Whether Outlook, Salesforce, Act!, even Plaxo or Google Contacts, salesmen and their teams make a living through connections and networking. Downloading the latest, updated apps for your contact database of choice puts your contact list at your fingertips.


  • Use a GPS device. While Waze and Google Maps are great mobile applications, a dedicated GPS frees you to travel safely, and keep your phone free for communications.


  • Bring on a “smart assistant.” Apps like ThinkRite Assistant make joining meetings a cinch. An alert for a meeting already in your calendar pops up. Then, one click and you’ve joined the event. No more hunting for or dialing phone numbers or passwords while on the road.

Download the ThinkRite Assistant: download for iOS

or download for Android

to make ensure you’re selling at peak efficiency whenever you’re on the road.

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